Developing a user experience for enterprise-scale theatre management software


Spektrix provide their eponymous software to over 250 arts organisations in the UK and North America. It is used by more than five thousand box-office, marketing and fundraising professionals every day. Between 2014 and 2016, I helped Spektrix to refactor their information architecture and implement a new user interface that was modern, more useable and more relevant to the way arts organisations function.

  • I uncovered and shared insights on how arts organisations function and the problems their staff face. I was the domain expert for the wider engineering team.
  • I created site maps and user flows based on my understanding of how arts organisations are structured and how the system is currently used.
  • I designed templates, navigation systems and pattern libraries using my understanding of users’ frustrations and my knowledge of best practices.
  • I built and tested interactive prototypes with clients and our customer support team to test our assumptions at every step.
  • I created a component-based style guide, introducing the concept of components and pattern libraries to the engineering team.
  • I developed a tone of voice guide, working with the sales, marketing and support teams to ensure we always spoke to our users with the same personality.
  • I led the project throughout, implementing new processes and tools and educating the wider business on what we were doing and why it would benefit the company and our clients.