Reimagining the way the automotive industry design & produce new vehicles.

  • UX
  • Service design

Jato provide vehicle pricing data, specification comparisons and much more to many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers through their enterprise-scale software. In 2013 I helped Jato design a tool that would change the way vehicle manufacturers design and develop new vehicles.

  • I uncovered and shared insights on how the industry currently designs vehicles. I worked with domain experts from Ford and Mazda to build an understanding of the processes they follow and systems they use.
  • I mapped user journeys, created conceptual diagrams and wrote personas. I created artefacts to help me distill my findings and disseminate them throughout the wider project team.
  • I designed navigation systems, user interfaces and visualisations, working closely with the development team to ensure our designs were feasible and capable of showing the vast amounts of data involved in the vehicle design process.
  • I designed models of key concepts, testing how data at this scale could be used in a way that balanced user experience against performance.
  • I ran user tests using prototypes of key concepts. I used real vehicle data and project timelines to test with domain experts, users and customers.
Wireframes showing the various navigation elements and data manipulation tools designed as part of the vehcile design appplication.