Designing a new casting management & video sharing platform.

  • UX
  • Service design

Spotlight began collating and distributing the details of theatre and film performers in 1927, and have since grown to provide a range of services to upcoming and established performers, casting agents and producers. In 2014 I helped Spotlight to design a new online casting application that would allow casting agents to run, film and share castings from any location in the world.

  • I uncovered and shared insights on how castings are created and run. I worked with casting agents, directors and videographers to understand and observe every stage of a casting’s lifecycle.
  • I mapped user journeys and developed personas. I created artefacts to help me distill what I had learned and disseminate it throughout the wider project team.
  • I designed interfaces for online and native versions of the application, including new models for file synchronisation and file sharing based on the unique requirements of remotely run castings.
  • I built and tested interactive prototypes to refine and iterate on our solution. I worked through real castings using our prototypes with casting agents, directors and the Spotlight’s videographers.
Wireframes showing key interfaces of the casting application. It allows casting directors to manage projects and their castings, upload casting videos, add metadata and commentary to the castings and share them with other team members.